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With 6 companies controlling 90% of our media, can you afford not to support media literacy? - The LAMP

With 6 companies controlling 90% of our media, can you afford not to support media literacy?

By December 13, 2011 News 3 Comments

We came across this infographic about media ownership, and thought it was a great example of why media literacy is so important. In a world where 90% of our media are controlled by just six companies, it is crucial that people learn how to filter their information, think critically, and use media in the pursuit of free speech and democracy. The LAMP promotes all of these things, all year long, and this year, we’re asking for just $11 from you to support our free media literacy programs. (Why $11? In honor of 2011. We’ve had a fantastic year.) Nobody else is doing what we’re doing, in the way we do it–bringing hands-on media literacy workshops straight to the doorsteps of communities throughout all of New York City. Click here to support our work with a gift of $11 right now.

Here’s a portion of the stunning infographic mentioned above. For the full piece, click here.

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  • AJ Bentley

    GE has never owned Comcast and relinquished control over the other properties listed early enough in the year that it really can’t honestly be said that they owned them in 2011. Unfortunately, that makes me wonder what else in this infographic is accurate.

    • Good point. The full infographic includes a list of sources for its data, and there has been a good amount of discussion in the comments section of this entry in regarding disparities in numbers, and on the original article published in Frugal Dad (your point about GE/Comcast surfaces regularly in those comment). However, we went ahead and shared this because we decided the overall thrust of the infographic–that the majority of our media are controlled by a handful of corporate entities–remains true. I have not yet found a direct response from Frugal Dad regarding inaccuracies or corrections.

  • Comcast now owns GE’s Universal properties so its valid.