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What Did You Do For Earth Hour? - The LAMP

What Did You Do For Earth Hour?

By March 30, 2009 News 2 Comments

We had a house full of children overnight on Saturday, so we really put earth hour to the test. With nine children ages 7-11, we turned off everything, then lit candles placed on high shelves on the first floor.

The kids had a ball playing a board game for half the time, then got restless and played hide and seek for the other half. They loved it, and didn’t want the lights to turn back on at 9:30.

The biggest kick for them? The melted wax from the candles. Go figure.

We grown-ups had fun just watching them from the couch. There was a lot of laughing, a log of negotiating, and some bad feelings.  Well, all that might have happened with the lights on, too.  They’re kids.

I think we should do this at least once a month.

What did YOU do?

  • Albert Elias

    We turned everything off and had candles all over the house! The kids took a bubble bath by candle light, even though the toddler wanted to “turn” the lights back on. We really enjoyed the quiet time.

  • DC

    We sent our last tweet, turned off our cellphones, turned off the lights then went walking out in the neighborhood. I was so surprised when we didn’t see more establishments take advantage of a cool gimmick to turn the lights off for an hour (i.e. a bar could just serve bottles of beer from coolers, have acoustic-only music, etc).