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WATCH: Ending the Fake News Cycle - The LAMP

WATCH: Ending the Fake News Cycle

By December 1, 2016 News No Comments

Ending Fake News blog

The consequences of so-called “fake news” have been writ large for many Americans over the last few weeks. When people click, share and make decisions based on media content without asking even basic questions about who produced that content or why, problems emerge. Lies spread faster than they can be debunked, leading to misinformation, chaos and distrust.

One way to combat the “fake news” epidemic is through education. Media literacy, to be exact, which is what The LAMP has been teaching since 2007, long before the birther movement even hatched. And because you’re never too young to start asking questions, we love it when we have the chance to introduce elementary school students to some rudimentary media literacy concepts.

That’s what we’re doing now at P.S. 307, a thriving elementary school in Brooklyn. In addition to our News programming, P.S. 307 is also partnering with us to receive professional development training so their teachers can integrate media literacy practices into their classrooms every day. We’ve also just finished a program with the school’s third- and fourth-graders where they analyze existing commercials, and then use the language of persuasion to create their very video ads.

Check out this brief video we made documenting the News workshop with P.S. 307. Then, help keep programs like this alive by making a one-time or recurring donation during our Annual Appeal: