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Save the Date, Brooklyn Tech, Phishing Confessional-News from The LAMP! - The LAMP

Save the Date, Brooklyn Tech, Phishing Confessional–News from The LAMP!

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The LAMP Illuminations
April 2010
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Spotlight: Meredith Summs, MOUSE Program Manager
Highlight: A Cautionary Tale
Gaslight: April in Media History

News from The LAMP!
BTHS logoThis week, The LAMP completed its first collaboration with Rooftop Filmsand Brooklyn Technical High School. As part of their criminal justice major, students looked at how one capital punishment case was reported differently in a documentary by Rooftop Films, a print newspaper and a television news show.

The LAMP has been busy booking LAMPcamp sessions and other summer workshops, but it’s not too late if you or your organization would like to host a summer program! Check out our LAMPcamp videos, and email us or call 718-789-8170 for more information!

Spotlight: Meredith Summs, MOUSE Program Manager
Meredith SummsThis month we interviewed Meredith Summs, the inspiring and vivacious program manager at MOUSE, a technology and education non-profit The LAMP has collaborated with on several occasions. Learn moreabout her journey from media consumer to producer to educator, and the origins of her popular blog, Never Slap The Gift Donkey.

Highlight: A Cautionary Tale
apple ipadThis month, Communications Director Emily Long wrote on The LAMPpost about her embarrassing turn as the victim of an online scam. It’s important to remember that even the most web-savvy people can still make mistakes. Check out “How I (unwittingly) spammed everyone I know”and spread the word to friends and family so the same thing doesn’t happen to them.
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Save the Date!

cherries_and_hearts_cupcakes_photosculpture-p1531287778711587743s98_400  by thelampnyc, on Flickr

On Tuesday, June 8, The LAMP will hold its first fundraising event at Brooklyn’s Double Windsor!  Stay tuned for details on an evening of sweet treats, delicious drinks and surprises to support The LAMP and kick off your summer!

in Media History

April is a huge month in film history–in fact, the movie industry might not exist without the innovations celebrated in this month’s Gaslight!
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