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Remixing with Media Breaker Keeps Getting Better - The LAMP

Remixing with Media Breaker Keeps Getting Better

By July 16, 2014 News No Comments

We’ve had a busy summer here at LAMP HQ, running workshops, redesigning the website and getting ready for the fall. But, thanks to your feedback, we’ve also been working on enhancements to the Media Breaker to make remixing and talking back better than ever.


Click to start remixing right now!

The password prompt is gone, which means that finally, anyone and everyone can access the tool. Once you sign in with your email address, you’ll have the option of taking a tour of the Media Breaker, so you can get started with the most basic functions. We’ve also added a link to Clip Converter to help with grabbing source material, and you can collapse the sample videos at the top of the screen. We’ll also be testing other planned enhancements to the Media Breaker with a group of high school students, which means the tool will just keep getting better.

So get going! As Weird Al Yankovic has been showing us all week – or really, for longer than lots of us have been alive – remix is loads of fun and a powerful way to harness pop culture. Just for fun, here’s our favorite video from him so far: