Learn more about MediaBreaker/Studios, a free browser-based video editor (now in beta) for talking back to and remixing commercials, news clips, online videos and more in an educational setting. Practice critical thinking and media literacy skills by making multimedia essays, and learn how to do it within fair use guidelines. Watch the video and visit mbstudios.thelamp.org today to get started!

Teachers, ready to use MediaBreaker/Studios in your classrooms and programs? Check out this video tutorial to get started!

With MediaBreaker, you can remix or break different types of media, like commercials, music videos, news clips and more. But someone owns all that media you’re messing with. So if someone owns it, and you’re using it without permission, isn’t that like stealing?

Not necessarily. Watch this video to learn more about reusing copyrighted content.

Talking back with media is a powerful way to make your voice heard, but you need to do it critically. This means that you have to be thoughtful, not insulting or merely stating the obvious. You’ve got to make a point about something bigger – something that goes beyond the video itself.