Need some help planning and organizing lessons with MediaBreaker/Studios? Try some of the following resources:

We’ve designed six classroom activities suitable for grades six through twelve, which you can adapt for your own purposes or use as inspiration for your own lessons. Also available as a printable PDF.

Sample Classroom Activities

One of the best ways for¬†students to make great remixes is to have them create storyboards mapping out where and when they’ll place their edits and comments. These printable blank storyboard templates will help.

Storyboard Templates

It’s often helpful to have students write down their observations about what they see, hear and feel when taking in a media message. This simple worksheet will help them organize their thoughts and ideas as they plan their remix videos. Available as a PDF and as an editable Word document.

Media Message Organizer (PDF)

Media Message Organizer (Word)

If your students are comparing and contrasting two or more advertisements, try this worksheet. Available as a PDF and as an editable Word document.

Ad Comparison Organizer (PDF)

Ad Comparison Organizer (Word)

Focusing on political advertisements? This worksheet will help you sort out the main ideas and persuasive techniques unique to the genre. Available as a PDF and as an editable Word document.

Political Ad Comparison Organizer (PDF)

Political Ad Comparison Organizer (Word)

Don’t miss The LAMP’s Break-a-thon in a Box toolkit for everything you need to host your own video remix program or event:

Break-a-thon in a Box