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Pink Oval Office?

By August 8, 2008 News No Comments

One of the best things about the John McCain ad  featuring Paris Hilton and Britney Spears is the kind of response it’s gotten.  Paris’s mother spoke up briefly, but it’s the response from Paris herself that’s been getting a lot of attention.  Since it’s release about three days ago, her video has received almost 6 million hits, and is indeed worth the watch.

Part of what’s wonderful about Ms. Hilton’s response is in the way she sends up political campaigning.  Her video is all about her public image, which is of key importance in any campaign.  She sends a clear message about the type of President she would be, speaks with conviction about her energy policy, invokes her love of the color pink, does her signature, “That’s hot,”and she also just happens to be caught sunbathing in a bathing suit and heels.  Barack Obama and John McCain have both suffered from identity crises during the campaign, but Paris is clear. We know who she is.

More than that, her response loudly points out how ridiculous John McCain is for trying to draw a comparison Barack Obama and herself.  In spoofing his ad, she shows it for exactly what it is: a really weak attempt to smear someone for being famous.  And let’s consider this for a second.  When you’re campaigning for President, aren’t you supposed to try to get yourself out in public as much as possible?  Don’t you want masses of people to like you?  I welcome Paris Hilton’s comic relief in all the media exhaustion that accompanies a Presidential election.  Maybe we should give some thought to that pink White House after all.