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November 22, 1995: To Infinity and Beyond! - The LAMP

November 22, 1995: To Infinity and Beyond!

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November 22, 1995: Toy Story opens in theaters, achieving many firsts such as the first feature-length computer animated film, the first product of the Disney/Pixar partnership, the first animated film to win an Oscar nomination for Best Screenplay, the first film of a wildly successful trilogy…you get the idea. Today, full-length CGI films are common, but there is little question that Pixar set the standard for lifelike computer animation matched with colorful characters, universally appealing themes, strong writing, stunning design and sky-high box office earnings. Fifteen years later, Toy Story is still a classic with major appeal–Toy Story 3 topped a billion dollars this year–and forever changed the way we look at computer animation.