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News from The LAMP! Our November Illuminations Newsletter - The LAMP

News from The LAMP! Our November Illuminations Newsletter

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The LAMP Illuminations
November 2009
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Spotlight: Lorenzo Tijerina
Highlight: Katherine Fry Speaks!
Gaslight: November in Media History

Happening now at The LAMP…

Mt Hope

This month, The LAMP continues its workshops with Mount Hope in The Bronx and Brooklyn Prospect Charter School in Brooklyn, and will also be conducting a professional development workshop with teachers at MOUSE. This follows presentations by Executive Director D.C. Vito and Communications Director Emily Long on social media for the Business Development Institute, and Education Director Katherine Fry’s participation on a news literacy panel with the New York State Communications Association! If you’re interested in hosting a workshop for teachers or in having a LAMP representative speak at your event, email us at

Spotlight: Lorenzo Tijerina
LorenzoLorenzo Tijerina is a father, former television news editor, independent videographer and photographer…and LAMP facilitator! Check out our Spotlight interview to read about his experience working in TV news, his path to media literacy and the media he creates with his young son.

Highlight: Katherine Fry Speaks!

Katherine FryThe LAMP’s Education Director, Katherine Fry, Ph.D., is also a prominent media scholar. On November 10th at 11am, Dr. Fry will offer a lecture presentation called “Mother Choices: Evaluating Moms Evaluating News.” The lecture, which will take place in the Woody Tanger auditorium of the Brooklyn College library, describes her current research: an exploration of changes in news and the identity of mothers. This talk is part of the Wolfe Institute in the Humanities lecture series at Brooklyn College, where Dr. Fry is an associate professor in the Dept. of Television and Radio. And, if you have plans to be in Chicago on November 14, don’t miss Dr. Fry’s presentation on News Literacy at the National Communication Association!

To help us continue our services as New York City’s only nonprofit organization giving free media literacy workshops to parents, youth and educators, please consider a small tax-deductible donation. Your donation goes to work immediately supporting workshop equipment, supplies, and administrative and facilitator fees.

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The LAMP recommends: Feed by M.T. Anderson

Feed cover

Feed by M.T. Anderson is the story of what happens if media technologies continue to develop and if we continue to fail at preparing our youth to deal with the resulting barrage of media messages. In this ironic satirical YA novel, Anderson presents a world where a computer “feed” is connected directly to the human brain, leading to a glut of consumption and information overload. Complete with brilliantly updated versions of teenage slang, Feed tells the story of a boy named Titus, who fails to question the world he lives in, until he meets Violet, a girl with a mind of her own–even if it’s still connected to the feed.–Megha Kohli

Gaslight: November
in Media History

November was a tumultuous month for the makers of media. Why? Check out this month’s Gaslight entry!

Hollywood Ten

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