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Newest LAMPlatoon Video: Mud In Betty White's Eye - The LAMP

Newest LAMPlatoon Video: Mud In Betty White’s Eye

By August 18, 2011 News No Comments

Behold our newest LAMPlatoon video, as made by our Flatbush Y LAMPcampers:

When this commercial came out during the Super Bowl earlier this year, it was a hit. Betty White was making a major comeback at the time–about a month after this ad release, over 480,000 Facebook fans campaigned for her to host “Saturday Night Live,” and they won. And the ad is funny, largely because it puts an older woman in the unlikely situation of trash-talking with the boys in the mud during a football game. However, it does rely on a few assumptions, like that women don’t play football and prefer to sit on the sidelines, like the sage and Snickered girlfriend of the real man behind the Betty White persona. And while a senior falling in mud might be funny in the eyes of a younger audience, the students are wise to do a reality check and point out that in real life, it’s not funny at all–in fact, it’s rather cheap humor. Plus, the choice to have Betty White in the commercial doesn’t revolve solely around the fact that she’s the famous Betty White; the older man at the end of the commercial adds no celebrity to the message but continues the joke about old people.

Laugh all you want at this commercial, but remember that it’s just that–a media construction trying to get you to associate Snickers with fun and energy. It’s not a guide for how people should be treated, or a representation of real life.

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