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New programs in January, Top 2013 LAMPposts and more: January News from The LAMP! - The LAMP

New programs in January, Top 2013 LAMPposts and more: January News from The LAMP!

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The LAMP’s Illuminations
January 2013    

What’s new for The LAMP in 2013?
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Click to find out when Deconstructing Fashion is coming to a library near you!

2013 is already shaping up to be a big year for The LAMP! We’ve moved into new office space in Midtown, won a major grant from the Valentine Perry Snyder Fund, and we’re thrilled about starting the year with a newly expanded board. The LAMP also welcomes a new intern, begins the Digital Career Path job training with OBT and kicks off Deconstructing Fashion at the New York Public Library. Check out our calendar of public events to see when free programs and screenings are coming to a site near you!

Spotlight: Alisha Miranda, Media Marketing Expert & Digital Career Path Facilitator   
Alisha Miranda
Alisha Miranda is an expert in branding, social media, marketing and public relations–plus, she’s a facilitator with The LAMP, working in our Digital Career Path program that kicks off this month! She’s done a ton of work with young professionals and entrepreneurs helping them get started in building their own business and brands, so it makes perfect sense that she would be doing similar work for disconnected youth at the outset of their careers in the media and technology industries. Click here for her small business tips, her thoughts on why media fluency matters for young people entering the workforce and what she’s looking forward to in 2013.

Monthly Media Infographic: The Learning Life of a 21st-Century High School Student

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