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LAMPlatoon Featured Video: Call of Duty - The LAMP

LAMPlatoon Featured Video: Call of Duty

By May 27, 2011 News No Comments

This video made by LAMPlatoon members Mark Shapiro and Luke Calzonetti points not only to the lifelike qualities of war video games, but the conflicting techniques in which violence can be reframed so that we are “sold” on war. The video game makes war look like a thrill ride, while the intercut news clips show the very real consequences and risks of an actual war which is nearly identical to the one being played on a game. It’s all about context–the commercial sells war as entertainment. But when you put that on top of what you know about real battles and skirmishes, it can change the way you perceive playing a soldier.

f you’re interested in shining a light on advertising and commercials, check out our LAMPlit guide for making a LAMPlatoon video or email us with questions. Next week, it could be your video in this space!

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