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LAMPcamp - Day four - The LAMP

LAMPcamp – Day four

By July 17, 2009 News No Comments


We opened our 4th and final day of LAMPcamp 2009 with a presentation by DC Comics artist Sean Gordon Murphy. He brought in some of his original artwork, both the pen and ink drawings, but also some of his published books as well as concepts he did for a video game. He spoke to our LAMPers about what it takes to make a cartoon, how concept art plays a part in the movie-making process, and even walked us through the steps from start to finish of a hypothetical “Dora the Explorer” episode.


It didn’t take much to coax him into doing some actual drawing for our LAMPers, and he even turned one of our female LAMPers into a comic book super hero illustration. He then broke down how he is able to establish action and a feeling of three dimensions in a 2-D image, drawing an improvised scene proposed by our LAMPers of Spiderman swinging on a lightpost in Manhattan. At the end of his presentation, he gave away two of his signed books to the first person to answer his questions correctly. Those were highly contested items!


We then broke back into our 4 groups (two boy groups and two girl groups) to complete the final edits of our video projects. When we say that these videos were made by our LAMPers, we mean they came up with their concepts, they wrote/storyboarded them, they shot them, they acted/spoke in them, and they made the final edits. We’re astonished with how amazing they turned out. But more importantly, we’re blown away by how strong a grasp each group showed with the notion of constructing a video media project. They knew what content needed to go where and how and why, and they took to the notion that all this media they see on a daily basis is the result of someone’s hard work – not just materializing out of nowhere with no agenda or subjectivity.

Here’s one of the boy LAMPer videos. The rest need to be retrieved off of their editing stations, and will be uploaded shortly.
[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″][/youtube]

We learned so many lessons with this week of LAMPcamp – possibly even more than the LAMPers themselves (although we hope not 🙂 ). There are things we’d do differently, things we’d tweak a little and things we’d leave exactly how they were. We hope to expand this next year to a much longer period in order to go even deeper into all the forms of media as well as open it up to different age groups and more LAMPers.

Special thanks from Katherine and D.C. to Lorenzo, Daniela, Kristin, Emily and Sean for their tireless help and passion. Without them, this truly incredible experience would not have been possible at all. THANK YOU SO MUCH. We’d also like to thank the Prospect Park YMCA for hiring us to hold our first LAMPcamp, and of course to their amazing teens – thanks to them most of all.