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"Kids Unbranded", Featuring The LAMP - The LAMP

“Kids Unbranded”, Featuring The LAMP

By October 22, 2014 News No Comments

Kids UnbrandedCommercials and advertisements share a lot in common with pollution. They change the climate in which we live, cloud our vision of the world around us, are difficult to regulate and are such a constant presence in our waking lives that we may not even see them. As adults with fully developed brains, we’re capable of criticizing the thousands of messages we see every day. But tweens alone spend roughly $30 billion annually, and influence another $150 billion of their parents’ spending, making them a highly desired target audience for marketers. Despite a handful of legal limitations on when and how advertisers can reach kids, companies are spending more than ever before to get their attention.

Those are just a few reasons why the Center for a New American Dream today launched “Kids Unbranded,” a free resource guide for parents and caretakers who want to fight the influx of ads in the lives of their children. The LAMP is proud to be featured in the guide with practical tips for mitigating the impact of commercials and talking back to irresponsible media messages. And there are lots of other great tips, resources and advice from experts about raising your family so that consumerism doesn’t come first. Click here to get the guide in its entirety!