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How you can help a great story get told by supporting 1 Way Up - The LAMP

How you can help a great story get told by supporting 1 Way Up

By July 11, 2013 News One Comment

Ever heard of an area called Peckham, just south-east of London? Perhaps like many other Americans, we hadn’t either, except in passing during media coverage of the 2011 summer of riots that took place across England. But when Shine Global, the nonprofit production company behind the Academy Award-winning documentary Inocente, approached us to partner with them on their new film called 1 Way Up, it was instantly clear that there’s more to Peckham than bad press.

1 Way Up is about two young people trying to break out of the cycle of gang violence through BMX biking, and their quest to win the honor of racing in the BMX World Championships. It’s one of those stories that doesn’t often get told–it defies stereotypes surrounding underprivileged teens of color, and the issues faced daily by Peckham teens can seem worlds away to people growing up with the advantages like family stability, education and dependable sources for necessities like shelter, food and clothing. Stories like 1 Way Up get told not because of their challenges but in spite of them, and they require the support of people committed to celebrating a range of voices in media.

Inocente was the first Kickstarter-backed film to win an Oscar, and Shine Global is looking to the Kickstarter community once again for support in producing 1 Way Up. The LAMP is working with Shine Global to develop an education curriculum to accompany the final film, and today we’re asking our community to support us by supporting 1 Way Up. We’ve seen an early festival cut of the film, and we’re here to promise that you won’t be disappointed when you see the result of the dozens of people already backing this beautiful story about perseverance, family and raw talent. Support 1 Way Up with as little as $10, and do your part to support filmmaking and media that does more than sell popcorn–it fosters hope.