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Happy Advertising Week from LAMPlatoon! - The LAMP

Happy Advertising Week from LAMPlatoon!

By October 3, 2011 News No Comments

Today marks the first day of Advertising Week, when Masters of Selling Stuff from all over the world descend on New York City for a week of events about the industry. We say–fantastic! Advertisements can be major cultural touchstones, whether they’re for candy, toys, books, charitable causes, schools, banks, art or anything else.

We at The LAMP address advertising messages with our LAMPlatoon project, where anyone can make and submit videos breaking down the infinite number of persuasive techniques used to sell goods and services. And yes, many LAMPlatoon videos are responding to harmful and negative messages which reinforce stereotypes or leave out key pieces of information, but we also want to acknowledge ads that serve their purpose without being offensive or misleading. Here’s one:

What ads do you like, and why? Leave a message in the comments below, or better yet, make your own LAMPlatoon video about what you’d like to see more of in advertising.