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Everybody's Talking About Dr. Pepper "Men" by LAMPlatoon - The LAMP

Everybody’s Talking About Dr. Pepper “Men” by LAMPlatoon

By October 27, 2011 News No Comments

From the Facebook app for Dr. Pepper Ten

On the heels of our open letter to the Dr. Pepper marketing team demanding that they end their irresponsible “It’s Not for Women” ad campaign for Dr. Pepper Ten, LAMPlatoon took to its computers. The resulting broken commercial calls out elements of sexism (against both women and men) which, even if they’re meant to be part of a joke, serve only to reinforce negative stereotypes. All in the name of selling soda.

The video has received over 6,000 views on YouTube alone, and comments keep coming in. Visit the video on our YouTube channel, and see what people are saying about the LAMPlatoon response, and join the conversation with your own opinions. This critical dialogue is exactly what LAMPlatoon means to inspire.

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