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Deconstructing Gender in Media with The LAMP at KGIA

Deconstructing Gender in Media with The LAMP at KGIA

By November 19, 2015 News No Comments
KGIA gender deconstruct call of duty

Students deconstruct a “Call of Duty” commercial in a LAMP workshop.

The LAMP, in partnership with the Arab American Family Support Center, kicked off its first program at Khalil Gibran International Academy (KGIA) where students are exploring gender representation in media across a variety of platforms and formats. The KGIA after-school program is conducted in two sessions, meeting with male and female students individually, to encourage a rich dialogue that includes sharing ideas and work across both classroom groups.

In a recent session, students were introduced to the idea of representation by viewing and deconstructing a number of media snippets spanning from Taylor Swift to a Fox News roundtable and discussing their impressions in small groups. The exercise allowed students to comfortably voice their views on gender roles and expectations as well as engage in a lively debate with classmates who held opposing viewpoints.

Now with their critical lens focused on identity and representation, students will begin remixing media on their own to continue to challenge the images they encounter. Ultimately, the program will conclude with students creating an awareness campaign in their own voice to bring attention to an idea or issue that’s most important to them.

– Dana Greene, LAMP Facilitator