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Checking the Monitor: A Forum on Internet Safety - The LAMP

Checking the Monitor: A Forum on Internet Safety

By May 25, 2008 Calendar No Comments

Checking the Monitor: A Forum on Internet Safety

June 4th, 2008: 7-8.30pm

Brooklyn Public Library: Grand Army Plaza

RSVP: Call 718-789-8170 or register by email

In this forum hosted by the LAMP as part of Internet Week New York, the office of the Brooklyn District Attorney, media professionals and media scholars come together for a discussion about the many issues and concerns regarding young people and the Internet. Topics will include current regulations, controls, social networking, gaming and the growing digital world surrounding young people, their families and their futures.

According to a recent survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation, 65% of parents closely monitor their children’s Internet use, and 18% believe they should monitor Internet usage more closely than they do now. However, there is much debate over appropriate methods of monitoring a child’s Internet activities. Some experts argue that concerns over Internet safety have been blown way out of proportion, while others say that current measures are far from adequate.

“Parents are more likely to get involved with their child’s online experience when they know more about how to monitor it,” claims D.C. Vito, Executive Director of The LAMP. “We want to encourage families to talk about media and how they are used.”

All are welcome to contribute to the conversation with Brooklyn College Media Studies professor and LAMP Educational Director, Katherine Fry, Ph.D., who will moderate the forum with the following panelists: