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Celebrity Baby Body Bonanza! - The LAMP

Celebrity Baby Body Bonanza!

By January 27, 2010 News No Comments

This week, we came across two stories criticizing the way media portrays women post-pregnancy. First, there was the Kourtney Kardashian incident with OK! magazine, where OK! claimed to have an exclusive inside look at how Kourtney has lost all her baby weight with diet and exercise. Not only did the magazine lie in claiming to have had an exclusive with the reality star, it also photoshopped her body to make it appear as though she is back to her “pre-baby body” and they lied in how much weight she gained during the pregnancy. Which, I suppose, is bound to happen when you haven’t had the interview you claimed to have gotten. I applaud Kourtney for coming forward and telling the truth, rather than allowing the public to believe her weight loss was real.

Story number two is not so much an incident, but a happy nod that the phenomenon of post-baby weight loss is getting more press. Katie Gentile of The Daily Beast wrote an article about how tabloids are obsessed with how quickly stars can get back in their skinny jeans after giving birth, perhaps prompted by the red-carpet awards season and spring fashion shows. It is a problem for women (and men) to have the impression that it is either normal or healthy to lose twenty or forty pounds of baby weight in a matter of weeks, and I hope it’s a misconception that continues to be dispelled. For more on the subject, be sure to check out our October interview with Claire Mysko, co-author of “Does This Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat?” Co-written with former supermodel Magali Amedei, the book includes strange-but-true stats about how pregnancy is covered by tabloids, and interviews with celebrities who appear in those very same tabloids. Pick it up, and let’s keep the conversation going.