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American Idol - Most brilliant idea, evah? - The LAMP

American Idol – Most brilliant idea, evah?

By May 21, 2009 News No Comments


As 28.8 Million American television viewers crowned Kris Allen the latest American Idol, thus potentially launching the young man onto stardom, the conversation about whether he deserved his crown didn’t end. It happened in the newscasts that evening, on the radio the next morning, and throughout the country’s newspapers. It happened at the water cooler, and for me, even at lunch. That’s where it occurred to me how brilliant the show ‘American Idol’ truly is.

Simon Cowell created the show, which just completed its eighth season. The show offers the view that they are making someone’s dream come true (i.e. the winner), but the real accomplishment is Simon’s growing fortune. In every episode, the show essentially goes to the consumers themselves, in their living room, and asks them to pick the future popstars they will want to listen to, download their music and attend their concerts. This is taking the guess work out of the process that used to occur in the privacy of the music company’s board room. And on top of that they are making MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in advertising revenue, doing this before the Idol sells a single album. Like i said, the conversation about these Idol champions do not end as the final vote is cast. People all over the country, on Twitter, and during their lunch hour are debating whether Kris should’ve won over Adam (the runner-up), thus continuing the work for Idol beyond their living room.

Simply brilliant. And I wouldn’t have come to this understanding if I myself hadn’t been part of a conversation about a TV show (that admittedly, I’ve never caught an episode of).