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4 Ad Stories from 2011 That Show Why We Need Media Literacy Now - The LAMP

4 Ad Stories from 2011 That Show Why We Need Media Literacy Now

By December 28, 2011 News No Comments
Snickering still
Click the image for the full LAMPlatoon video breaking the Betty White commercial for Snickers.

One of our biggest achievements in 2011 was launching LAMPlatoon, giving voice for people to respond to the commercials they see every day, while building skills in media literacy and media production–all with open-source software. 2011 saw a wave of studies pointing to how ads impact our culture, and point to why LAMP programs and LAMPlatoon are so important:

    • –General Mills was sued for marketing Fruit Roll-Ups as health food
    • Report showed that sugary drinks marketed to blacks and Latinos at higher rate than whites
    • –Kids nagging their parents to buy unhealthy food is linked to children’s advertising


The LAMP teaches youth to take on the media they see every day, questioning harmful and deceitful messages in advertising and other media. And The LAMP is the only organization bringing free media literacy workshops straight to the doorsteps of NYC communities that are most vulnerable to damaging media messages.

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