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Watch Now: #Every28Hours

By June 5, 2015 News No Comments

If you missed the screening of #Every28Hours on May 29 at the Sony Wonder Technology Lab’s HD Theatre, fear not – you can still catch the short documentary right here and on YouTube! We are so proud of our students for producing this insightful look at race and policing in 2015. Scroll down for some thoughts shared by the young filmmakers during the Q&A session which followed the screening:

“I think, personally, it definitely changed my view of media, especially since now, looking back at just sitting at home, watching the news, I think it’s more based on trust. I’m not saying that all media and all news reporters – I’m not saying it’s false, but I’m not saying it’s all true. It’s really hard to differentiate what’s true and what’s not because a lot of people focus on one side of the story. They don’t tell both sides, so that was one of the objectives of this documentary, was to allow more exposure to these sorts of things because we felt that the media wasn’t necessarily doing that. So I think that’s definitely impacted how I view media.” – Jasmine

“What I enjoyed best was collaborating with the students who were volunteering with Amnesty International in Italy. We were discussing the differences and discrepancies in police brutality that would be shown in NYC as opposed to what they would see in Italy, which, as we spoke to them, it became clear that there was incredibly large difference from what police in Italy are allowed to do to the general public compared to what NYC officers do, and how they’re seen from the two different point of views.” – Lior

“I think honestly my biggest surprise was also kind of a realization. It was one of the interviews that was in the documentary, where the young men said that, ‘This issue only concerns me if it concerns my friends.’ I think for that kind of opened my eyes a bit because it made me realize that issues, if they don’t concern you or your family, friends, your surroundings, then it’s not as prevalent and it does not affect you. However, that should not be the case, especially an issue that affects a large community in a place where we’re living. We should all take responsibility and all try to be as aware as possible so that we can all work together to form a solution because as soon as people are aware of it, then more people can help using their resources.” – Roxy

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