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The LAMP's SXSWedu panel picks - The LAMP

The LAMP’s SXSWedu panel picks

By August 15, 2014 News No Comments

The LAMPpost blog is breaking one of the cardinal rules of media, and going on vacation. In the meantime, take a couple of minutes and vote for our panel at SXSWedu! Community votes are a big factor in whether or not we’ll get to take our message of media making and breaking to Austin in March of 2015. Check out the video, then click the box below to vote:

PanelPicker Vote 3

After you’ve voted for us, share the love and check out some of the other SXSWedu proposals. Here are just a few of our faves:

WHAT: Deepening the Practice of Digital Literacy with Renee Hobbs
WHY: If you have ever read anything about media literacy, chances are you’ve come across Renee Hobbs. She is a force in this area of learning, and seeing her at SXSWedu would be a treat for field veterans, and a great opportunity for those new to digital media literacy.

WHAT: Meaningful ways to raise more $ for the classroom with Geraldine Smythe
WHY: This is a topic that, sadly, applies to most educators in K-12 classrooms today. Fundraising isn’t covered in most educator professional development tracks, but it’s vital to learn your way around sites like DonorsChoose – especially if you’re look for technology upgrades or additions, which are hard to come by in school budgets.

WHAT: Redefining EdTech Innovation: NYC as Case Study with a panel of great people
WHY:: We have to give a plug not only for Mozilla, but also for New York City. There are a lot of bold innovators here, but in our opinion, NYC public schools in particular still have a ways to go in making sure students graduate with meaningful 21st-century skillsets (read Emily’s BYOT op-ed if you haven’t yet). If we went to this panel, we’d love to hear about what NYC is doing well, but also where even a top city for tech companies is coming up short – plus what we can do to make change and learn from others in the country.

Again, these are just a few panels we’d like to see. Tell us about the ones you like in the comments!