Media are talking to you every day in ways you may not even realize. The LAMP will show you how to talk back by making your own podcasts, videos, remixes and much more. We’ll also help you pull back the curtain on how and why media are made so you can do what’s right for you – and not just what media tell you to do.

Speak your mind by making media about issues that matter to you

Explore how media and technology can help you improve inside and outside of school

Practice with programs and tools you can use outside of The LAMP to keep pursuing your passions

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Break the media and change the message when you remix to call out stereotypes, bias and deception in media all around you. Check out how other students your age all over the country are taking a stand with the MediaBreaker, and then get started talking back:

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"I do not have words to express all the great things that this program taught me. I feel very happy with this program because it teaches people how they can make their own commercials, work in groups and enjoy working with classmates."

− Student