Media Literacy Professional Development

The LAMP provides a customized, on-site PD series for up to 15 teachers at a time. The series may focus on any of our four program tracks, or a general media literacy training. Teachers will get hands-on experience with production technology and project-based learning models. The LAMP will work with participants to design and workshop their own media- and production-centered lesson plans.

“The LAMP came in and showed us how we could really use technology to enhance learning and teaching. The professional development that we received was definitely hands-on. What we learned, be it the teachers or be it the children, we were able to within the same time frame turn it into something, see the results of what they’re doing…The educational consultants that came out to work with our staff and our children – they were quite knowledgeable, they were extremely professional, and just great choices all around. The children are much more educated on media literacy, the teachers as well, so it’s been great!” – Servina Narine, Magnet Resources Specialist at P.S. 307

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MediaBreaker/Studios Training

The LAMP provides a one- or two-day on-site training on our MediaBreaker/Studios tools and critical media remix as a powerful way to engage with media and develop critical thinking skills. The training will prepare teachers to integrate MediaBreaker/Studios and critical media remix into core subject areas, as well as prepare hands-on activities and engaging discussions that explore media and their impact on students’ lives.

“My experiences with MediaBreaker/Studios and remix have supported me in creating a conflagration across my classroom. Students have been engaged in self-discovery and, through this tool, they have been given a new language in which to express themselves.” – Chezare Martinez, Tech International Charter School

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