Making the News

You decide what is newsworthy, and what is not! Go behind the headlines and learn what makes the news when you produce your own news stories. You’ll learn to use the language of broadcast news to craft your own interviews and b-roll, and add sound effects, graphics and titles, while also gaining research and editing skills.

Download LAMPlit: Check Out the News!

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Reporting and Podcasting

Reporting the news changes when it is heard and not seen! Find out how when you design, record and mix your own podcast with Garageband.

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Citizen Journalism

Report the stories of your community from your perspective when you go out into your community and choose which stories are important to you and choose how those stories are told. Assert your voice and challenge the media!

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Tool: MediaBreaker/Studios

Use MediaBreaker/Studios, The LAMP’s own online learning platform and video editing tool to remix and criticize commercials, news clips, music videos and more. Learn how to exercise your fair use rights, and demand more from the people who produce the media in our lives when you break the media and change the message.