Family Media Scavenger Hunt

Families gather in a popular location, and uncover treasures hiding in plain sight. Once you look more closely for specific types of media on the streets you walk every day, you’ll never see your neighborhood the same way again. It’s a truly eye-opening experience for the whole family!

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Family Video

Families of all shapes and sizes come together to make a video scrapbook celebrating what makes them unique. You’ll combine interviews, photos and video to create a lasting record of your family story, and share the experience of making and learning together.

Watch The LAMP Family Videos – Ramos Family

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Family Digital Media

Caregivers, parents and children explore how they use and talk about digital media, and set realistic guidelines for media use at home. It’s a must for any household with kids and screens!

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Intergenerational Media Literacy

From the bumbling grandfather to the basketcase teen girl, ageist stereotypes are everywhere. Learn how to think critically about media and talk back to these stereotypes when people of all ages come together to create original media projects and explore new perspectives about how age discrimination affects all of us.

Watch: Aren’t We Old Enough? Behind the Scenes at IML 2014

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Tool: MediaBreaker/Studios

Use MediaBreaker/Studios, The LAMP’s own online learning platform and video editing tool to remix and criticize commercials, news clips, music videos and more. Learn how to exercise your fair use rights, and demand more from the people who produce the media in our lives when you break the media and change the message.