Make/Break a Commercial

Practice the art of persuasion through text, sound and images when you write, shoot and edit your own commercial! You’ll learn about how messages are targeted to different groups, and how to tell the difference between fact and fiction in advertising. Then talk back to media when you remix or ‘break’ an actual commercial. Learn about your fair use rights and how to question media. Your finished video can even be submitted to the MediaBreaker library of broken commercials, and be part of a grassroots movement demanding responsible media messages.

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Make a Public Service Advertisement

Make your voice heard about an issue that matters to you when you create your own Public Service Advertisement. Your PSA will shed light on a subject of your choosing, and will teach you how media are used to communicate and inspire action. Watch “Words Hurt Anywhere”, an anti-bullying PSA created with New York City Commission on Human Rights.

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Photoshop Remix

Explore issues of representation, bias, and the ethics of Photoshop in mass media and talk back to images by producing mash-ups and counter-ads. Learn the basics of creating and manipulating images with Adobe Photoshop.

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Tool: MediaBreaker/Studios

Use MediaBreaker/Studios, The LAMP’s own online learning platform and video editing tool to remix and criticize commercials, news clips, music videos and more. Learn how to exercise your fair use rights, and demand more from the people who produce the media in our lives when you break the media and change the message.