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For Immediate Release: Makers of Flip Video Camcorder Partner with The LAMP - The LAMP

For Immediate Release: Makers of Flip Video Camcorder Partner with The LAMP

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Makers of Flip Video Camcorder Partner with The LAMP (Learning About Multimedia Project)
Flip Video Spotlight Program matches camcorder donations to enterprising non-profit media education organization in New York City

NEW YORK, NY: Pure Digital Technologies, Inc., the makers of America’s best-selling camcorder, Flip Video, have invited The LAMP (Learning About Multimedia Project) to participate in the Flip Video Spotlight Program. The program, announced at the Clinton Global Initiative in September 2007, aims to put one million Flip Video Camcorders into the hands of qualified non-profit organizations over five years. Flip Video Spotlight works directly with non-profit organizations through a matching program: for every 60 minute Ultra camcorder the non-profit purchases, Flip Video Spotlight will donate one to the organization. Each kit costs $150. As part of the matching program, The LAMP joins other prominent organizations such as Kiva, American Red Cross, PBS, National Wildlife Federation and Livestrong.

“This is an incredible opportunity for The LAMP because our most popular and engaging media education workshops require video cameras,” says D.C. Vito, Executive Director of the LAMP. “Initiatives like the Flip Video Spotlight Program enable us to continue bringing basic media education training for free to young people, parents and teachers throughout New York City. We’re so proud to have Pure Digital support our efforts to help people make smart choices in a media-saturated world.” LAMP students use video to make their own news broadcasts, commercials, family video albums, documentaries and more. By creating and editing their own material, students explore how and why different media messages are constructed. They also gain workforce development skills to help them join the modern marketplace, which is increasingly dependent upon technology.

With over 1200 approved partners to date, Flip Video Spotlight is steadily expanding its support of non-profit organizations such as The LAMP. “We want to make sure that all qualified non-profit and charitable organizations have affordable access to video equipment and the means to tell their story. We feel that the small size, low price point, high quality, and onboard sharing software make it the ideal companion to any organization’s communications strategy,” says Basho Mosko, the Flip Video Spotlight Program Manager.

Companies, foundations or individuals are also encouraged to participate and can find out more at the Flip Video Spotlight website,

Groups or individuals interested in sponsoring Flip Video Spotlight Kits should contact The LAMP at More information about The LAMP is available online at

About The LAMP:
The LAMP (Learning About Multimedia Project), founded in 2007, is a certified non-profit organization which strives to provide critical media literacy skills to the inter-related groups of youths, their parents and educators throughout New York City. Media literacy workshops offered by The LAMP demystify the constant flow of media these three groups encounter, bridge the gap between generations, and provide workforce development skills.


Basho Mosko, Program Manager
Flip Video Spotlight

Emily Long, Communications Director