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Exploring the Sony Wonder Technology Lab - The LAMP

Exploring the Sony Wonder Technology Lab


AFBMS students play with motion capture at the Sony Wonder Technology Lab

The LAMP recently took fifteen middle school students on a field trip to the Sony Wonder Technology Lab, an interactive technology and entertainment museum in mid-town Manhattan.

The trip was organized as part of a year-long after school program The LAMP has been facilitating at Achievement First Bushwick Middle School. In the program students have been critically exploring news media while producing their own video news stories using iPads, digital cameras, microphones, and iMovie. The visit to the Wonder Lab presented a chance for the students to play and engage with a variety of other media and technologies, including motion capture technology, animation design, video games, robotics, and music remix. A few students were even able to fit in a screening of a video documenting the melting ice caps in the Wonder Lab’s high definition theater.


Video editing at the Sony Wonder Technology Lab

The students were also introduced to the Wonder Lab’s production studio, where visitors are able to produce, direct, and star in their own in-studio broadcast. As a grantee of Sony, The LAMP has special access to the production studio and HD theater, and the AFBMS students will return to the Wonder Lab to produce the in-studio segment of their news broadcast. The production studio will enable the students to run their script through a teleprompter; live chroma key background and splash graphics; direct a multi-camera setup; and anchor a broadcast, introducing and integrating all the stories they produced over the year.