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Break the Super Bowl 2017: #WomenNotObjects - The LAMP

Break the Super Bowl 2017: #WomenNotObjects

By February 6, 2017 News No Comments

break the super bowl womennotobjects

2017 seems like a good year to start doing things differently. So, we added a theme to Break the Super Bowl: #WomenNotObjects.

This is also the first year we held the party at an advertising agency. Badger & Winters Group are the award-winning firm behind the campaign to stop objectifying women through commercials and advertising, and they graciously agreed to host our students as they settled in for a night of breaking, learning and talking back to media.

Having the event at an actual ad company proved to be a huge benefit for the students. We were really lucky to also have generous staff from Badger & Winter on hand to share an insider’s view of how commercials are produced. Copywriter Regina explained the importance of building a customer’s loyalty to a particular brand, and Madonna Badger herself was present to offer insight about how a Super Bowl Buick commercial represented Miranda Kerr (hint: not with the same respect as Cam Newton, who appeared in the same spot). She also shared her moving story with our students about why she started the #WomenNotObjects campaign.

As you’ll see in the broken commercials that came out of this year’s event, our students learned to thoughtfully criticize commercials, rather than passively consume them. They also learned it’s not only possible, but also fun, to challenge harmful messages and celebrate the positive ones.