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Workshops, new LAMPlit, Maker Faire video-October news from The LAMP! - The LAMP

Workshops, new LAMPlit, Maker Faire video–October news from The LAMP!

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The LAMP Illuminations
October 2011  

News from The LAMP!  
LAMP Students

Open minds, shiny new laptops and boxes of DVDs waiting to be filled with new projects…this is what fall looks like for The LAMP. This month, we kick off our year-long programs at I.S. 52 in Inwood and P.S. 145and P.S. 242 on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, plus a news literacy workshop series with the third-graders at P.S. 107 in Brooklyn. Also this month, we’re traveling to the New York State Communication Association conference in Ellenville, NY to share LAMPlatoon with fellow teachers and scholars. That’s a lot for one month, but fear not–you won’t miss a thing when you keep up with our LAMPpost blog orfollow us on Twitter!

Highlight: New LAMPlit! Guide to Healthy
Digital Relationships  
LAMPlitCheck out the latest free LAMPlit resource guide written by LAMP facilitator Alex Strelow! Socializing online is a huge part of how we use the Internet today, and that’s a good thing-as long as you make responsible choices, and have your friends online do the same. This practical guide for teens includes interactive activities designed to help build healthy digital relationships, plus a few pointers for the adults in their lives.Download it here and check out the rest of the LAMPlit library!

Spotlight: Elisa Kreisinger, Pop Culture Pirate   
Elisa Kreisinger

This month, we interviewed Elisa Kreisinger of Pop Culture Pirate, and truly a pioneer in the world of video remix, women’s rights activism and media literacy. Elisa is a feminist video artist creating more stories about women that don’t revolve around men (or babies). Her most recent work includes Queer Housewives of New York CitySex and the Remix: QueerCarrie and the forthcomingMadWomen/MadMen remix series.Read the full interview to learn more about how Elisa got started, her recent post as Media Fellow at the Center for Social Media, her fair use experiences and more.

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Adventures at Maker Faire
Young ad-buster at MF2011

Last month, LAMP staff and volunteers spent two full days with Maker Faire at the New York Hall of Science. Working one-on-one with young people and their families, we made around thirty new broken commercials for LAMPlatoon, many of which you can see on theLAMPlatoon video portal. For a taste of Maker Faire fun and to meet the latest LAMPlatoon recruits, check out photos from the day andwatch our short video of the day’s events.

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