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WikiConference USA interviews D.C. Vito - The LAMP

WikiConference USA interviews D.C. Vito

By May 19, 2014 News No Comments

Our own Executive Director D.C. Vito is delivering a keynote at WikiConference USA, the first national Wikimedia conference of its kind in the United States. The conference takes place from May 30th through June 1st at New York Law School in Tribeca – you can catch D.C.’s speech on May 30 just after the lunch break. Below is a quick interview with D.C. from the conference organizers:

Interview with Keynote D.C. Vito of the LAMP (Learning About Multimedia Project)

D.C. Vito


The LAMP (Learning About Multimedia Project)


Executive Director

How Wikipedia relates to your work

The LAMP brings hands-on media literacy training to schools, libraries and community centers citywide, and a lot of media literacy is tied up with epistemology and how we know what we know. We teach people to constantly ask questions about the source of various media in their lives – who made it, who they made it for, etcetera. They practice these skills by making their own media, like commercials, podcasts, news reports and photo essays, because we want people to be empowered to act and create in a digital landscape, not just passively absorb whatever is put in front of them. I think Wikipedia works best when people ask where information comes from, and I love that Wikipedia encourages this by noting when an entry needs more citations and by setting up strong standards for pages. And of course, Wikipedia encourages people to get involved by submitting their own pages and edits, which is what really takes it to the next level as a tool for both reference and learning. With all of that, Wikipedia aligns quite nicely with The LAMP’s mission of educating and equipping people to be critical and creative participants in a 21st-century world.

What Open Knowledge topics are you most interested in? 

Fair use, women and minorities in media/tech, media and tech use in classrooms, accessibility, education.

What are you most excited about for Wiki-Conference USA? 

I love meeting people who are interested in getting their hands in the dirt of media – metaphorically, of course! Wikipedians are exactly these people who want to experiment and explore and grow new ideas, and they want to do all that the hard way, which is to go hands-on in learning how things work and take risks to build on existing systems around communications, law and technology.


Check out the full schedule here with an incredible array of speakers and events covering cyberculture, law, feminism, language, metadata, censorship and more. Plus, the whole thing is free to attend! Original post of the interview can be found on the WikiConference USA Tumblr.