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Why The LAMP opposes SOPA/PIPA - The LAMP

Why The LAMP opposes SOPA/PIPA

By January 18, 2012 News No Comments

SOPA/PIPA are bad for education. Having the ability to access a variety of information sources is a critical part of the learning process, and should Congress pass this legislation, it is entirely possible for the United States to be plunged into a China-like black hole with no place for challenge, controversy or democracy. SOPA/PIPA would cripple media literacy organizations like The LAMP, which rely on using and accessing copyrighted material to hone critical thinking skills, creativity and interaction with media technologies and messages. (Yes, we do fall under Fair Use, but if people are confused now about their Fair Use rights, imagine what will happen if SOPA/PIPA pass; the ensuing legal knot could also take years to unravel.) In short, SOPA/PIPA would effectively shut down not only The LAMP, but it would also hinder scholars, teachers, researchers, schools, universities and any other person or institution working in education who benefits from an open Internet.

Even though it’s black today (or perhaps because it is), stop by Wikipedia to check out their call to action. Share this article. Join the conversation, learn more and take a stand and show Congress you care about an open Internet.