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When Breaking Is Making: The LAMP Recognizes National Day of Making! - The LAMP

When Breaking Is Making: The LAMP Recognizes National Day of Making!

By June 18, 2014 News No Comments

For years, Maker Faires have been held in major cities all over the world. Today, for the first time ever, the White House is hosting its own Maker Faire with over 100 Makers from more than 25 states, and President Obama has declared this a National Day of Making.

Here at The LAMP, making is at the core of our work in teaching people to think critically about and engage with media and technology. We think that one of the best ways to learn about media is to make it yourself, which is why students in our programs create their own documentaries, podcasts, commercials, PSAs and more. We’ve been developing the Media Breaker to make it easier for people to talk back to media with video remix. With us, breaking is making!

In honor of this National Day of Making, we’re highlighting some of the most-viewed breaks and makes created since we first got started in 2007. Check them out:

This is the broken commercial that started it all. When young Violet took on a commercial for Bratz dolls, she probably never imagined that this would become our most watched video of all time, or that it would lead to more LAMPlatoon programming plus the development of the Media Breaker.

P.S. 107 students Merlin, Rebecca and Stella produced this short-form documentary in 2009 about bullying and gender stereotypes. Since then, it’s been featured internationally in film festivals and even garnered a couple of awards for the students.

With over 30,000 views on our LAMPlatoon channel of broken videos, this 2011 deconstruction of a Dr. Pepper Ten commercial is one of the most contentious pieces we’ve ever produced. See for yourself in the comments!

That’s it for this round of highlights. We hope you take some time out today to break and make. Share your projects using the White House’s #NationOfMakers hashtag to show the President – and the world! – what the Maker Movement is all about.