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Watch "Taking on the Take-Down Notice" with handy chapter markers! - The LAMP

Watch “Taking on the Take-Down Notice” with handy chapter markers!

By November 7, 2013 News No Comments

Thanks to the folks at New York University, the full video of both the student and professional expert panels, and the Media Breaker launch demonstration, is now available on YouTube. Now, we know most of you don’t have time to watch the full two hours and 38 minutes of the entire event, so we broke it down for you below the video embed. You can also read NYU’s coverage of the event here. Happy viewing!

5:50: NYU Law student Amanda Levendowski talks about when fair use came to her door, and the “3 Ps” of fair use and copyright.

10:00: NYU student Neil Kosslyn talks about the rise and fall of the Free Culture club.

12:00: On why computer science students especially care about fair use, and code as free expression.

15:15: A high schooler’s perception of copyright, and Miguel’s experience with fair use during the Princeton Summer Journalism program.

20:00: CUNY Brooklyn pre-law student Elise Sterling-Smith talks about creating video commentary with copyrighted media, recounts a real-life lesson in “cease and desist” letters, and talks about her internship with The LAMP

23:50: Moderator Chris Sprigman, professor at NYU School of Law, asks about copyright and fair use as a friend, enemy or a bit of both.

31:07: Where do we get the idea that “if it’s there, it’s fair”?

37:00: Would you prefer it if the law was more clear-cut?

38:50: Amanda’s thoughts on the middle ground between clarity and vagueness of the law for makers.

41:00: Neil on iTunes and access to content, and why relatively few people care about fair use.

43:00: What does the Buzzfeed model mean for copyright?

46:11: On copyrighted material in the classroom, and how it is used.

48:41: Enter the Copyright Clearance Center!

50:00: Inside an academic permissioning office.

52:20: Should we teach copyright and fair use in the classroom?

54:00: Why it is empowering to use fair use to create, rather than criminalize

55:10: Media Breaker demonstration by The LAMP’s Executive Director D.C. Vito and Education Manager Alan Berry.

1:18:19: Opening remarks for the professional expert panel by Katherine Fry, Ph.D., LAMP co-founder and Professor of Media Studies at Brooklyn College.

1:23:00: Remarks by Chris Bavitz, Managing Director of Harvard Law School’s Cyberlaw Clinic, on the threat of ever-present threat for educators of being sued for copyright infringement

1:28:12: NYU School of Law professor Jeanne Fromer talks about copyright education, with some kind words about the Media Breaker as a counterpoint to industry efforts to educate consumers about copyright. She also asks some good questions about the tool.

1:32:18: Jill Lesser, Executive Director of the Center for Copyright Information, discusses her work within the content industry to change the conversation about copyright, as well as how to educate students about fair use and copyright.

1:38:14: Gigi Sohn, former President and CEO of Public Knowledge and recently-named Special Counsel for External Affairs at the FCC, goes back to the SOPA/PIPA battle, the problem with apathy about copyright law, and gives a history lesson on the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act in 1998. She also talks about how the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) and other laws can be used to hurt free speech and innovation.

1:45:36: Digital artist Elisa Kreisinger talks about why it’s important to criticize media at a young age and what she learned from her National Survey of Fair Use.

1:49:17: Katherine answers Jeanne’s questions about the Media Breaker, and asks the panel about the standard for transformation.

1:51:54: Chris Bavitz offers an explanation on transformation.

1:53:30: Jeanne continues the discussion on transformation with remarks about her work with Justice Souter and other judges.

1:55:25: Gigi adds to the subject with remarks about how the public can impact judiciary decisions.

1:57:57: Elisa talks about the potential she sees for the Media Breaker to impact policy and awareness, and Jill talks about how it can contribute to copyright education.

2:02:03: Question from the audience for Jill about the function of major corporations and content creators about teaching copyright and fair use curricula. Jill responds with details about partnerships being formed for education.

2:05:40: Gigi comments on curricula from content companies, and how to deal with the piracy problem.

2:07:40: Member of the audience asks about the roles of parents in kids using the Media Breaker; Katherine, D.C. and Jeanne respond.

2:12:00: Gigi addresses question from the audience about video and music sampling.

2:15:20: A question from the audience about making change in a world of powerful content creators.

2:16:30: Elisa speculates on why major artists like Pogo and Girl Talk haven’t been taken to court, and Gigi adds with remarks on issues around orphan works and disincentives to innovation created by copyright law.

2:19:30: Chris and Gigi answer a question about the likelihood of true copyright reform.

2:23:06: Jill, Katherine and Gigi respond to a question about the right age to start teaching about copyright and fair use.

2:28:31: The panel responds a question from the audience about education around Terms of Service contracts, and whether Terms of Service contracts can circumvent fair use rights or be reverse-engineered.

2:34:51: Chris and Elisa address a question about bringing copyrighted multimedia content into public schools, and issues of access in public schools.

2:36:36: Closing remarks and thanks from D.C. Vito.

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