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Video: Supernanny Deconstructed, Part 1 - The LAMP

Video: Supernanny Deconstructed, Part 1

By May 7, 2012 News One Comment

Reality television uses a wide variety of techniques to construct narratives, build characters and provoke an emotional response. Inherent to the genre is the challenge of having several hours of footage which must be condensed into one episode, leaving little time to address complexities of conflict and characters while adhering to the narrative format that provides a backbone for the series. Stories and people are carefully selected and shaped by the camera and editing choices, as shown in the video below. This is the focus of “Supernanny Deconstructed: Part 1,” created for The LAMP by Italian media educator and sociologist Enzo Corsetti, which uses the popular show to demonstrate how the sausage of reality television is made. Take a look, and keep an eye out for Part 2 coming soon:

  • I want to thank very much The LAMP, for publishing but also for the teamwork we are doing to make these videos, as this is my first work for American audiences and organizations…
    Maybe readers and watchers like to know that “Supernanny” isn’t much known in Italy, but its genre is actually popular, due to the national adaptation of its main competitor, “Nanny 911”, here called “Sos tata” (s.o.s. nanny). I think the differences between those TV formats and adaptations contribute to inspire me, how it often happens when different cultures share similar interests and meanings. This makes sense even though many outlooks and feelings appear globalized nowadays… And I think that Part 2 of “Supernanny deconstructed” will let people even better understand why a “basic-sociological” and media-literate eye is more and more important for everyone!