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Video highlights from the Everyday Bronx showcase - The LAMP

Video highlights from the Everyday Bronx showcase

By May 27, 2014 News No Comments

Just before everyone settled in for a long holiday weekend, students in our Everyday Bronx program made their voices heard through the power of photography. The photo exhibit was the culmination of a hands-on visual literacy program called Everyday Bronx, taught in partnership by nonprofit organizations the Bronx Documentary Center, Everyday Africa and The LAMP. The photos are also a chance for teens to show pride in the Bronx as they know it, and counteract the often negative reporting by mainstream media on daily life in their borough. Watch to see the photos for yourself, and hear from students as they discuss their work and the program:

More pictures from the showcase event can be found here, and more student work is available on the Everyday Bronx Tumblr.