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TV Show Complaints

By April 25, 2008 News No Comments

Judging what is offensive and what is not can be a difficult thing.  No one has the right to stop any other person from feeling uncomfortable with a comment or action, and I was reminded today of how easily it is for people to still be offended by modern television. is a portal to both submitting complaints about content on television shows, and seeing examples of complaints filed by other individuals.  A few of the complaints are bound to make you chuckle, others will make you wonder how much of the general public is aware of the television rating system.  In all seriousness, reading the complaints raises some good questions about the role of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC): Does the agency exist solely to “protect” us from profanity, or does it have any other purpose?  Where does free speech come into play?  If so many complaints are being lodged about using swear words, is the FCC doing its part to educate the public on what the rating system–or is that even the responsibility of the FCC?

Whether you’re up for a laugh, a perspective different from yours,  or just a peek into incredibly poor writing and grammar skills, be sure to check out the website.