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Turn it ALL Off for Earth Hour - The LAMP

Turn it ALL Off for Earth Hour

By March 26, 2009 News No Comments

The LAMP will be switched completely off during earth hour this coming Saturday evening, March 28th, from 8:30-9:30 pm.  You’ve probably already heard about this event.  It’s a global initiative of the World Wildlife Fund, a leader in worldwide conservation.  There’s a whole website devoted to earth hour:  Check it out.                          

We’re participating in this important global event in our own way, by encouraging people to turn off all their lights AND their electronic communication devices for one hour.   We’re all about media and media literacy, and we don’t think people stop and consider often enough how much their lives revolve around the use of the cell phones and computers.  A little electronic media deprivation is a good time to contemplate your participation in the world of electronic communications.

Some organizations are encouraging people to participate in earth hour by turning off their lights for an hour, and suggesting that during that same hour people use digital communication devices to talk about earth hour with others.  

Huh?  What about the carbon emissions from that use of electricity?   I think we need to be really serious  about earth hour.  

We’re going all the way.  We’re encouraging everyone to go without electronic lights and communicate without their electronic devices for one hour.  We believe this will raise our collective awareness not only about how much we all participate in carbon emissions production with our use of electricity, but also about how much we rely on electronic communication media, like cell phones, the Internet, and PDAs, to connect with others.  We want people to turn it all off and communicate for awhile in other ways:  discussions, storytelling, reading aloud by candlelight…

Then, when it’s all over, by all means, come back here to our blog and add a comment about how you spent earth hour.  Or send us a tweet, or visit us on Facebook. We’d love to hear how you and/or your family participated, your thoughts about the earth, electronic communication, and anything else related to earth hour.

I, personally, will be hosting a 5th grade birthday sleep-over with 9 children total on Saturday evening.  How will we do it without electronics for an hour?  There will be food and candles and probably lots of silliness.  And I’ll post here how it all went.

We are delighted to be a part of this event, and hope you will be, too.

Don’t forget to turn it all off for a little while.