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Top 5 Media Education Reads You Maybe Missed in October

Top 5 Media Education Reads You Maybe Missed in October

By October 30, 2015 News No Comments

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– There’s this one New Yorker cartoon we’ve been loving on hard, and based on the number of retweets it’s received, we’re not alone. It’s by cartoonist Brian McLachlan, and lays out why we do what we do (more or less).

– Articles from the Harvard Business Review rarely show up in our feed, but here’s an exception about what it takes for corporate executives to care about gender equality. This piece demonstrates the power of media to effect on-the-ground change, and makes you wonder about their responsibilities when it comes to representing women in content they produce.

– If you’ve never seen The Media Show by Gus Andrews, now is the perfect time to catch up (because remember, next week is Media Literacy Week in the US!). She got a great shout-out from BoingBoing, rightly praising her show that whittles down complicated media issues…with puppets!

– Technically it’s a ‘watch’ instead of a ‘read’ but people seem to be into our animated video tutorial on Critical Commentary. It’s an explainer for how to be critical of media, one of the most difficult concepts we teach in our programs, but one which every media literate person must master.

– A re-share just in time for Halloween: After advertisers pledged in 2007 not to advertise candy to children under the age of 11 – following the guidelines they signed on to in the Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative – kids actually saw more ads for candy. That’s according to this study conducted for the years from 2008 to 2011, which found a 74% increase in exposure to candy ads. Spooky!