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Top 5 LAMPpost Highlights from 2013, As Chosen By You - The LAMP

Top 5 LAMPpost Highlights from 2013, As Chosen By You

By December 18, 2013 News No Comments

5. After Week One of Testing the Media Breaker, “It’s Better Than Movie Maker” July 25, 2013

The development, testing and launch of the Media Breaker was by far The LAMP’s largest project of 2013 (see one of the earliest Media Breaker creations above). Early in the year, we learned that we won funding from the Knight Foundation to develop a prototype, after months of discussion with our partners at Pace University’s Seidenberg Creative Labs. Testing began in the summer, with a group of high school students who raved that it was a better editor than Microsoft’s own Movie Maker tool. That’s not too shabby, but we didn’t stop there and are still making improvements and enhancements. Keep sending us your feedback, and we’ll keep working to make Media Breaker your first stop to speak truth to power.

4. Newest LAMPlit Navigates Gender, Youth and Media November 20, 2013

This year, we took on the sensitive topic of gender and media – how gender is represented in media, how media messages around gender change the way we look at others, and what parents and caregivers can do to foster gender inclusion and acceptance in young people. It’s all in our newest LAMPlit resource guide, aptly titled A Guide to Gender, Youth and Media, and includes a wealth of resources and activities, plus a glossary explaining terms like “gender essentialism” and “sex binary.” This is a must-read for an era of shifting changes in how society treats people living and loving outside popular male/female stereotypes, and for anyone wanting to live in and teach young people about a culture of understanding.

3. So what is the Media Breaker, Anyway? August 13, 2013

By August, all of us at The LAMP had been working so closely and writing so much on the Media Breaker that we kind of assumed everyone knew what the thing actually was. Once we realized our assumption, we decided to write a basic explainer on the blog. Which must have been just what you needed – it was your third most-read blog post of the entire calendar year!

2. Why Kids and Teens Are Seeing More Junk Food Commercials Than Ever April 3, 2013

The connection between commercials and youth obesity is one we’ve been writing about for many years, and we expect we’ll be writing about it for many more. Not that we mind; it’s both fascinating to mine the data and important to keep the discussion going about what may or may not be the consequences of highly targeted advertisements created by an industry with very little outside regulation. (Did we show our hand there? Darn.)

1. The NYC Teen Pregnancy Campaign in Context March 21, 2013

The awareness campaign about teen pregnancy designed by NYC’s Human Resource Administration caused a minor uproar this past spring. Some people were deeply offended by the stereotypes it broadcast about teen parents and their children, but others saw it as a much-needed, blunt wake-up call. LAMPpost blogger Anne Desrosiers looked at both sides of the argument in a piece published shortly after the campaign launched, before coming to her own conclusions. As if this story’s rank as your most-read blog post from 2013 wasn’t enough, here’s more proof the story struck a chord: Students at this year’s Digital Waves Festival chose the conflict as the subject of their own news piece, under the leadership of LAMP facilitator SinĂ©ad Devlin.