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The Target Ad

By January 28, 2008 News No Comments

You may have heard about the Target fiasco, but in case you haven’t, we think you should–so here are the basics:

Target put out this ad which has been scrutinized by, an organization which looks at the influence of media and marketing on youth. ShapingYouth wrote a critical email but Target refused to respond on the basis that ShapingYouth is a blog, and Target “does not participate with nontraditional media outlets.”

This is a big deal for a few reasons, perhaps most notably because a retail giant refuses to accept responsibility for its choices–if a mistake was made, admit it, or if you stand behind your decisions, then say so. I personally don’t care for the ad, nor to Target’s policy of not working with traditional media, and was particularly surprised that a company which prides itself for its support of community development is refusing to engage in an open dialogue about how they’re reaching their audience. As long as they’re considering what constitutes nontraditional media, perhaps they should take a closer look at what constitutes corporate responsibility.