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The need for a discussion about Internet safety - The LAMP

The need for a discussion about Internet safety

By May 23, 2008 News No Comments

We’ve been meeting with numerous schools in Brooklyn, chatting with both educators and parents about the services The LAMP can provide to them, and there is one subject that seems to elicit the same wide-eyed fervor from all of the audiences: Internet safety.

The term itself is misleading. It limits the discussion to just the ways we are supposed to safeguard our homes from predators and criminals looking to use your highspeed or dial-up connection as an entry into your homes. What really parents and educators are looking to find out, once you get past the common sense practices one should employ to allow for safe web experiences, are why do our youth want to spend so much time online creating virtual avatars of themselves just to navigate in and out of digital worlds.

We’ve held numerous discussions, put on demonstrations and will even be hosting a public forum on the June 4th about the subject. It’s a topic that resonates with everyone who has a young person in their list of responsibilities, and i would like to hear from those of you out there who feel they too would benefit from an active dialogue on the topic.

-How worried are you about your children’s use of the Internet? How relaxed are you about it?

-How curious are you about what draws them so passionately towards this medium? Are you curious about how it may be interacting with or altering the way they see and relate to the world?

Let us know if you’d like us to come to your school/community center/church/etcetera to carry on this conversation with you.