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The LAMP's Summer Vacation Show and Tell: The Chocolate Project! - The LAMP

The LAMP’s Summer Vacation Show and Tell: The Chocolate Project!

By September 9, 2013 News No Comments

It’s the first day of school here in New York City, so that must mean it’s time for show and tell about what everyone did on their summer vacations. Here’s our recap:

The LAMP stayed busy with the Chocolate Project at multiple branches of the New York Public Library, where roughly fifty middle- and high-school students took a deeper look at how media depict, market and feature chocolate in commercials, films, documentaries, television shows and more. They also looked at what really goes on at cocoa farms and chocolate factories, and examined how that squares with what media show us. “I was really pleased with their reaction,” said one program facilitator, speaking of the participants at the Mott Haven library branch. “They got riled up and picked up on the disparity between the commercials and the reality with just a little prompting.” According to participants at the West Farms library branch, “The program is excellent. I love working with the people and using the laptop. The only thing I didn’t like was the raw cacao beans.” They also said, “”I liked how we cut up commercials and made it our own,” adding, “”I learned that cocoa beans are from slavery. I would love to join another LAMP program. I learned a lot in six days.”

Here are just a few of the videos produced by Chocolate Program participants:

So that’s our summer! How about you – what did you do? What did you make? Tell us in the comments!