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The LAMP's summer plans, Meet Paul Mihailidis, and more : It's The LAMP's June Illuminations! - The LAMP

The LAMP’s summer plans, Meet Paul Mihailidis, and more : It’s The LAMP’s June Illuminations!

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The LAMP Illuminations
June 2009
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Spotlight: Paul Mihailidis
Gaslight: This Month in Media History


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As we move into summer, keep an eye on The LAMP! In July, we have LAMPcamp as part of the Prospect Park YMCA’s Summer Day Camp, more LAMPlit, a revamped website and much more. And, click here to read about our exciting work with the Social Venture Consulting Program, created by and University of Maryland to help grassroots nonprofits like The LAMP bring innovative ideas to life.

Spotlight: Paul Mihailidis

paulOccupation: Asst. Prof. of Media Studies, Hofstra University, and Director of Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change (Austria)
Summer Plans: This summer I’m doing a bunch of things. 1) I’m now teaching a summer course at Hofstra, while 2) writing a report for the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) on Media Literacy and Youth. The report surveys existing media literacy initiatives in the US and globally, and makes recommendations for how funding organizations can
better support Media Literacy initiatives worldwide. After the report is finished, I’ll be 3) traveling to Mexico City (hopefully…) as a guest scholar at Iberoamericana University, where I’ll be teaching a graduate seminar and meeting with the Iberoamericana faculty to discuss various
possible research initiatives. Once I’m back, I’m getting 4) married! on July 18th. Then on July 25th 5) my wife and I are heading to Salzburg, Austria for one month, where I am the Director of a global media program called the Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change. The program gathers over 50 students and 10 faculty from all over the world to
explore media’s role in global society. So it’s a busy but productive summer to say the least…
How are you involved with the IFC Media Project? I’m the creator of the 5A’s of Media Literacy Framework, used by IFC in conjunction with it’s Media Project initiative, MakeMediaMatter. IFC wanted to launch a pro-social initiative around Media Literacy to help empower young media makers to understand the influence their production will have on individuals, communities and society. They found my work, and we began to have discussions as to ways we could build a site that would help youth and young adults reflect on their media use and production. They used  the 5A’s framework-Access, Awareness, Assessment, Appreciation, Action-to launch this initiative. We’ve been involved in panels, discussions, we’re writing regularly for the blog, etc. It’s been a   great collaboration so far.
What is your favorite part of teaching media studies? My favorite part of media studies is helping students look at the media they spend so much time with daily from a new angle. Media studies is a subject that remains forever fresh. It’s something students can engage with, and it’s my job to make them see the connections between media use, their role as
individuals in community, and democracy. I always start my courses by stating: “Anything you don’t see with your own two eyes comes from a mediated source of information.” That simple premise is the jumping off point for some interesting, relevant, and  current discussions!

Highlight: Check this out!

nettysworldIf you have, or know, very young children, check out this website designed for kids ages 2-7.  The Australian site,, allows kids to play games that focus on how to use the Internet safely.  There are about five or six adventures that children can choose:  making friends, exploring the net, getting things off the net, staying safe on the net, even using smart phones.  There’s a section for parents that encourages them to play the games along with the children and talk with them about using the Internet.  This seems like a really great idea, especially for the youngest Internet adventurers.
–Katherine Fry

The LAMP at Media Conversations!


On Saturday, June 6th at 1pm, The LAMP screened student work and hosted a discussion about its activities at the sixth Media Conversations conference with Fordham University and the Pratt Institute. Katherine Fry and D.C. Vito answered talked about the challenges of teaching media literacy, gave some background on The LAMP, and discussed future goals.

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Gaslight: This Month in Media History

cnn debut

  • June 1, 1980: Debut of CNN, world’s first 24-hour news network. Click the image above to see their first broadcast!
  • June 15, 1869: Celluloid is patented by John Wesley Hyatt in Albany, NY. Nine years later, the first attempt at motion pictures takes place on the same day.
  • June 24, 1901: First exhibition of Pablo Picasso’s artwork takes place in Paris. The artist is just 19 years old.

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