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The LAMP's August Illuminations - The LAMP

The LAMP’s August Illuminations

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The LAMP Illuminations
August 2010

News from The LAMP!
In July, we wrapped up two sessions of LAMPcamp, one in Brooklyn with the Prospect Park Y at the Park Slope Armory and another with the Mount Hope Housing Company in The Bronx. And, Education Director Dr. Katherine Fry traveled to Ludwigsberg, Germany for the “Culture and Education: An International Survey” conference sponsored by the Department of Culture and Media Education at the University of Ludwigsberg. While there, she delivered a presentation on The LAMP’s media literacy efforts in New York City as a microcosm of other media literacy efforts throughout the United States.

Through the month of August, The LAMP continues its Saturday workshops with Mount Hope. To learn more about these workshops and the most recent LAMPcamp sessions, keep up with the LAMPpost blog and be sure to check out our Flickr page and YouTube channels as we continue to post student work.

Spotlight: Sabine Gruffat and Bill Brown, creators of Bike Box
The LAMPpost’s newest blogger Sarah Brown sat down with Sabine Gruffat and Bill Brown.  Together, Gruffat and Brown created an iPhone application called Bike Box which turns a typical bike ride into a multimedia experience of personal narrative and local history. Brown spoke with them about what motivated them to build the application, the challenges involved, contributing artists and much more. Check it out!

Highlight: LAMP t-shirts!
The LAMP is proud to present its very first t-shirt! Available in crew neck or v-neck, these short-sleeved grey American Apparel shirts include The LAMP logo on the front and our slogan and website on the back. The shirts are sponsored by our good friends at, so when you buy a t-shirt, your money goes to support our programs and students. E-mail us today if you’d like to buy a shirt!
To help us continue our services as New York City’s only nonprofit organization giving free media literacy workshops to parents, youth and educators, please consider a small tax-deductible donation. Your donation goes to work immediately supporting workshop equipment, supplies, and administrative and facilitator fees.

Check out The LAMP on News 12!

News 12 stopped by The Bronx for a segment on LAMPcamp, and spoke with teachers and students about the program. Watch the clip and see for yourself!

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August shares landmark anniversaries for news coverage, film and literature. Learn more in August’s gaslight!

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