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Tell us what you think about our submission to this year's Digital Media and Learning Competition! - The LAMP

Tell us what you think about our submission to this year’s Digital Media and Learning Competition!

By November 16, 2011 News No Comments

The Digital Media and Learning Competition began in 2007 as a way to “find and inspire the most innovative uses of new media in support of connected learning.” Now in its 4th year, the 2011 challenge focuses on creating and designing badge systems for online learning. The LAMP entered the contest, but we need your help.

Badges are a relatively new phenomenon, and perhaps most noticeably became part of the new media lexicon when Foursquare employed them as carrots for users at site check-ins. For example, you’d earn a badge the first time you checked in someplace, and then after several check-ins at one place you might become the ‘Mayor’ of that place, and so on. This year’s DML competition, appropriately titled “Badges for Lifelong Learning,” is pushing the envelope on how badges can be used for learning in media.

Our LAMPlatoon program is ripe for just this kind of innovation, community and engagement. Our proposal has already been submitted and can be viewed online, but we want to know what you think. This is a great chance to participate in the design of online learning programs, and take an active role in 21st century education initiatives. We’ve submitted a brief narrative, a visualization of how our proposed badge system would work, and a matrix of the kind of badges we have in mind together with their rewards and skills. We’re particularly excited about the way our badge system rewards and encourages online and offline media activism, and how it ties up with leadership and media literacy. Take a few minutes to comment on our proposal–your ideas can help shape our programs!